Why is RPO the best way for SMEs to recruit?

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Olivier Croce

Olivier Croce

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In a previous articlewe discussed how RPO was (and still is!) the best way to recruit for start-ups. Because it provides precisely the flexibility needed for rapid growth.

But that's not all.

RPO also offers SMEs a valuable competitive advantage - and we mean that!

Why, you may ask?

Because it's flexible

We're convinced that RPO excels in its modularity. This tailor-made approach ensures efficient human resources management, adapted to company growth or periods of consolidation. At Skeelz, for example, our Talent Partners (AKA, RPO resources) are available on a 3-6-9-12 month model to suit the stages of each SME. This would be unthinkable with an in-house resource.

RPO therefore helps SMEs to manage recruitment peaks linked to specific projects or sudden growth. This enables them to remain competitive without disrupting their day-to-day operations. Invaluable in the current economic climate. 

Because it's resource-efficient

By implementing RPO, SMEs can significantly optimize their internal resources. By outsourcing recruitment, they free up their HR teams to focus on strategic initiatives rather than the day-to-day management of recruitment processes. The result is a better allocation of internal talent and an increase in overall productivity. 

In terms of sheer efficiency, a 'good' RPO uses advanced technologies and proven methodologies to speed up recruitment while maintaining (or even improving) the quality of hires: ATS, automation of candidate approaches, job boards, Sales Navigator or Sales Recruiter all, several thousand euros are spent externally every month.

And yet, these tools are so important! They reduce recruitment times, lower the error rate in candidate selection and minimize the costs associated with unsuccessful recruitment.

Our advice: beware of agencies that remain vague on this subject. At Skeelz, our approach is simple: each of our Talent Partners comes to you equipped with his or her own stack of tools, and our own methods. No hidden costs for you. That makes for a great transition for us!

Because it makes lots and lots of economic sense

RPO is a cost-saving tool for SMEs. By outsourcing recruitment to external specialists, they save on expenses associated with in-house recruitment, such as recruiter salaries, recruitment technologies, and ongoing training costs, not to mention the reduced time and investment required to find qualified candidates, by minimizing "false positives". This outsourcing transforms fixed costs into variable costs, enabling greater financial flexibility.

Unlike other solutions, an RPO is generally invoiced on a monthly basis. The customer commits to a minimum volume to define a base price, which enables a form of economy of scale: we're talking about 60% savings on average, compared with a "traditional" hunting firm.

Because it reaches more candidates

One of the major advantages of RPO for SMEs is the wider access to a talent pool. Each firm maintains an extensive network and strategic partnerships, enabling us to reach candidates, including in penurious positions, that SMEs alone might not be able to reach. These networks include passive talent, who are not actively looking for a new job but are open to the right opportunities.

We're talking about targeting highly qualified candidates across different sectors and geographies. It goes without saying: this diversity of access improves the quality of recruitment and helps companies to fill their positions quickly with candidates who precisely match their specific needs.

In addition, RPO provides expertise in sourcing and assessment techniques, using advanced technologies and analytical methods to identify the best candidates (Scorecard, tests, structured interviews...). This approach ensures that selection processes are both efficient and fair, increasing the chances of long-term recruitment success.

Because it enriches your employer brand

RPO makes a significant contribution to improving the employer brand of SMEs. By outsourcing recruitment, companies benefit from the expertise and professionalization of the recruitment process, which positively reinforces their image with potential candidates (who will potentially go and tell their own network!).

In addition, RPO firms work to align recruitment strategy with corporate culture and values, ensuring that the messages conveyed are authentic and appealing. This congruence between what the company promises and what it actually delivers enhances the perception of candidates and current employees alike, strengthening employee loyalty and commitment. This, too, is why we have decided to work exclusively with our customers, fully internalizing our resources. 👉 In fact, we wrote a dedicated article on how to develop your employer brand as an SME.

Shall we discuss it with our teams?