Your business is growing

...your recruitment problems too!

  • You spend too much on recruitment fees.

  • You don't get any returns on your job offers.

  • Your messages on LinkedIn remain unanswered.

  • You are missing out on good talent.

  • Your employer brand is not attractive enough.

  • Your recruitment process is taking too long.

Skeelz provides you with a team of recruitment experts, specialists in your field and the jobs you are looking for, 100% immersed in your company's culture. No commissions, no hidden fees.

Integrate an expert

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The benefits of "Recruitment-as-a-service

You will be part of a team of experts

All our experts are selected and continuously trained in the best recruitment techniques. You benefit from our know-how and an outside view to help your teams improve their skills.

You reduce your costs

An average savings of 60-70% on your recruitment fees. Unlike a recruiting firm, at Skeelz we don't take any commission. You sign up for a monthly subscription. No hidden fees.

You ensure a human fit

We know how important it is to recruit with your corporate culture in mind. That's why our experts are fully immersed in the day-to-day workings of your teams, so they can better understand what you really care about.

You reveal your employer brand

Beyond recruitment, our experts optimize your recruitment and onboarding process, enrich your candidate experience and highlight your value proposition to your future employees!

Get started in 3 steps

1 - Brief us

We will contact you by phone or video, in order to study your recruitment issues in depth and offer you the best expertise.

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2 - Join us

You will meet your future Talent Partner who will conduct a "Talent Check-up" in order to understand your culture, your needs and better understand your organization.

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3 - Let's start together

Each partnership begins with a kickoff, a key step in defining the objectives to be achieved. On average, we take one week to set up everything, from the first call to the start of the mission.

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